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Please pardon me while I rant for a moment about Blogspot
One thing that is a source of annoyance to me on a regular basis is Blogspot's inability to perform formatting correctly. For example, let's say that we want to have three paragraphs with a blank line between them. In a sane blog software, you would type the three paragraphs, and include a blank line between them. Simple, right? Yes.

What happens when you do the same thing with Blogspot? Well, that depends. Have you gone to the "edit HTML" window? Yes? Ok, then those blank lines turn themselves into 2 blank lines. Doesn't make sense now, does it? Of course not. But that doesn't matter, because that's just the way Blogspot works.

Well, what if you want to throw in some <pre> tags? You know, because you want to embed some code. You can't enter it into the "compose" window, because *it* doesn't understand what you mean. And if you drop into the HTML editor, you are confronted with some horrible excuse for html formatting, where "blank" lines are really two or three spans, and if you try to clean it up to save your sanity, you've now just destroyed any chance at having proper formatting at all.

So what do you do? You copy all of what you wrote out, paste it into notepad (or something else that doesn't keep rich formatting), type your formatting in manually, re-paste it into the html window and... it adds line breaks where there were none.

The solution that I've discovered works pretty well is to type everything out in a plain text editor, add any links, etc., by hand. Leave line breaks where you want them (don't add tags to do it, just leave blank lines), add other extra formatting (like pre tags), and paste it into the "HTML edit" box. Then it seems to behave mostly sane. Which I guess I'll have to take.

Feel free to go back to your regularly scheduled reading.


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