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Max Lemky
A family friend died today, Max Lemky. I found out because my aunt pinged me on Facebook when I just happened to be at my computer.

It's hard to say how much this will affect my family, as I've known Max my entire life. He was one of those old-school hippies, buying, fixing, modifying, selling VW bugs and vans for as long as I can remember. I'd see him every couple years, hanging out in Sturgis when we were all around, maybe at his mother's place in Thief River Falls, MN; maybe even sleeping on the couch for a weekend or week while trying to sell off one of his newest acquisitions (at least in the 80's and early 90's).

He was always great to talk to. He had stories about parties, about people he'd met, about having to deal with mechanical breakdowns, all of it and more. In the 90's, he met a nice woman and fathered a son, Sammy, among her two previous children (they were great btw, very friendly and well-behaved, even in the insanity of Sturgis camping). In 1998 he gave me an awesome 60's vintage Yamaha tube amplifier he'd picked up for cheap in his travels. He'd already picked up some Marshall stack amps, and had a collection of classic rare guitars that he couldn't fit in his van(s) in his travels. Speaking of which, he could play. Damn he could play.

Max was one of my dad's best friends, and a great friend of the family. He's survived by his son Sammy and mother Mable, and untold amounts of partially-working vehicles, guitars, amps, ... Max, I'm sorry to see you go, and I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've seen you. Good night dear friend.


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