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Where are you staying at? Did you know Taiwan got out of the 3rd world country status decades ago? Make sure to take the MRT a few times. Rent a MRT bicycle. Go to NPM for history, it is filled with amazing artifacts. CKS memorial hall aka Freedom Plaza is cool too, and free! Don't go to Sogo if she shops crazy, even if it is likes dept stores like the ones in the US just a few times more grand. 101 is too tourisy but it aint bad. The temples are kind of interesting. Everything is super cheap and people do not in general charge a "white person tax" like in China and other 3rd world countries. Go to Dan4-shui3, a decent hang out place. Lastly don't ever insinuate that China and Taiwan are in any way similar unless you want your ass kicked. If you do by accident, tell your attackers that Taiwan is almost as advanced as Japan and you'll be fine. Nice to see you blog, keep it up -k

We stayed in someone's apartment, rented it from a company that rents out such things.

We took the MRT just about everywhere. No bicycle with See Luan's knee injury.

We went to Sogo, but she's not a big shopper, so it was mostly to see the spectacle.

We got to check out the 101 from the Google offices thanks to Jane :)

We went to Dan-shui with Jane, which was awesome :)

Yeah... I know enough about Taiwan/Chinese history to know not to insinuate anything about either culture. Just smile and nod like a good gui-lian ;)

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