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It's been a couple months since I posted here in Livejournal. I had been syndicating my tech blogging over here, but I stopped doing that because the formatting was awful, and it was too much of a pain to re-do it for every post. But as big_bad_al offered, I probably shouldn't be syndicating my thoughts all over anyways.

As previously stated, this will be where I post more personal, less technical stuff. Which I don't really post a lot of. And all the really juicy details (which I don't really post anymore) are usually off in friends-locked posts.

That said, See Luan and I are doing well (we're off to Taiwan, Malaysia, and Bali mid November to early December for ), work at is going well (I get to build a lot of interesting stuff, technically), my family is doing well, ... Not really a lot to report.

On a completely random note, I really like the movement of the insert key on the Logitech MK320 and similar Logitech keyboard/mouse combos, as the arrangement of the secondary block of keys is *really* nice. Also, I've been very satisfied with the longevity of the combos in terms of durability and battery life.


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