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New tech blog? Yes.
I've been posting to livejournal for a few months shy of 8 years now. For the 3-4 years before, I posted chunks of content to my own personal web page. Livejournal was a huge step up in the right direction. Over that time, my LJ has been a collection of opinions, politics, technology, personal posts, etc. I'm going to change that a bit.

I just started a new tech blog, . Posts made there will be syndicated here automatically with the subject prefix of [A Dash of Technology]. I'm not going anywhere, I'm just pulling my tech-related stuff over there (because it may actually be interesting), which will arrive here almost immediately, and I'll leave any other personal stuff here.

I also have a twitter account that is going to be tech/work related microblogs , along with my personal Facebook for smaller stuff that is posted here. For the nerdier among you, I had to draw a diagram to make sure that my posts were syndicating out to the right places without duplication.

Hello new world!

P.S. if someone wants to make a huge amount of money in this social networking space, build a tool that auto-syndicates between all of the major services.

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Yeah, it would be great to have a way to syndicate stuff. Something user-friendly and easy-to-use. We could give it a cute name like Really Simple Syndication, and have ways to aggregate feeds in order to read them, like some sort of Feed Reader. If we do it right, I'll bet even Google would want to come out with its own Google Reader or something. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!

Seriously, though, I look forward to reading your new blog.

Not just for reading, but for writing too. There are different audiences who check twitter, facebook, livejournal, blogger, ... . But when you want to get your content out to more than one, it becomes a pain.

Also... Google Reader doesn't do authenticated RSS feeds or Openid, which basically kills it as the "one-stop-shop" for reading content (no lj, private twitter is out, no facebook, ...).

The hoops I've jumped through up to now: Blogger -> LJ can be done via LJ's email posting and Blogger's emailing of posts (LJ doesn't have native rss import). LJ to Facebook isn't bad because Facebook *can* import from an RSS feed from your blog (you have to authenticate it via a special post, but it isn't bad). Blogger to Twitter takes a service (twitter doesn't allow emailing in posts), I use twitfeed, and add a #yam tag to allow Yammer to consume from my twitter stream (for work). For tech-related microblogging stuff, I post to twitter, add #fb to get it into Facebook via Selective Tweets, and #yam to get it into my work Yammer.

If there was a single service (or a couple competing services) that consumed and re-posted across your identities in a configurable manner, those hoops wouldn't need to be jumped through. This could be done fairly easily if everyone supported OAuth for reading/writing.

I understand the manifesto, and it's a good idea for the general public to disconnect their feeds, because they don't know what is going on. However, my social networks tend to have minimally overlapping sets of common people, and I know where to inject my thoughts to get my message to the proper subset of people.

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