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Unethical? Really?
Today I was called unethical. Why? Because I had posted an ad to give away my bed. In the ad I said "First come, first served."

A woman had called about an hour after I had posted to schedule a time to check it out and maybe pick it up... tomorrow morning at 9AM. Her friend would be coming along to help her. I got two other calls. The second was a guy with a truck who would be coming by in a half hour to pick it up, while I was at my old place...

So I said sure, come by, take it away. He did. I felt a little bad, but not really. It's a free bed, "First come, first served." The guy showed up first, he got it. Done deal.

I call the woman back, she sounds very happy to hear my voice. I tell her that she's probably not going to be as happy with me in a minute. I apologize, but that a guy was in the neighborhood, and picked up the bed about an hour before. She says "no you didn't!", followed by "how could you do that!", "you're unethical!", "we made arrangements!", ... I tried to explain that the ad said "first come, first served". She tried to claim that because she had called first, that is first served.

Personally, I can't believe how angry she got at me for giving away something that I had every right to give away. How many times have I called places for something that I would *pay* for, made arrangements to check it out, and had someone else buy it first? Countless. Have I ever been angry? Of course not! You can't get angry at people for selling (or giving away) something they have the right to sell (or give away) at their discretion.

Next time I'm just going to leave it in an ally and post the details on CL. It will save me so much hassle. Weirdo CL people.

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Heh, she should just be happy you called to tell her in advance. Instead of just letting her show up the next day and ignore her...

I know, right? A FB friend of mine pointed out that people seem to have a sense of entitlement for anything they get for free...

For example, people come in with a late movie, and they'll pay the $4.50 without worrying. But at a library? They'll piss and moan about a 50 cent late fee.

I was in a similar situation where I felt like by being the first to call in, I figured I was the first one there when I called to reserve something way back when.

"your old place"

did you buy the condo?

Just moving in with the GF to save time and money. It's been a bitch of a weekend already. I'm going to be posting about it in a few minutes.

I do have an offer out on a short-sale probate, waiting on the bank and the courts. :P

I lied about the posting about the weekend moving expedition. I'm too tired, and I'm not done yet :P

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