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Heh, she should just be happy you called to tell her in advance. Instead of just letting her show up the next day and ignore her...

I know, right? A FB friend of mine pointed out that people seem to have a sense of entitlement for anything they get for free...

For example, people come in with a late movie, and they'll pay the $4.50 without worrying. But at a library? They'll piss and moan about a 50 cent late fee.

I was in a similar situation where I felt like by being the first to call in, I figured I was the first one there when I called to reserve something way back when.

"your old place"

did you buy the condo?

Just moving in with the GF to save time and money. It's been a bitch of a weekend already. I'm going to be posting about it in a few minutes.

I do have an offer out on a short-sale probate, waiting on the bank and the courts. :P

I lied about the posting about the weekend moving expedition. I'm too tired, and I'm not done yet :P

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