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I hate Dell

Yes I have the Dell Ultrasharp 2408. Shitty design. Same problem. Speaking of design, why the hell do I need to press so many button to make it dimmer or brighter? Menu. Then select brightness (down). Then enter. Then + or -. Then I can wait 30 seconds for the annoying menu to disappear, or, press down down (exit), then press enter. UBER LAME. Shitty design.

The box design totally blows too. I open the cheapo box, and a bunch of styrefoam stuff comes out and makes a big mess. I can't find the cables or menus because they're cheaply wrapped and buried in the weak cheapo foams. It takes a lot of effort to get the monitor out because the foam is slightly over-sized.

Dell may look nice on paper specs, but it's just horrible in all respect.

If you have $$$, buy a real monitor. Apple Cinema Display *LED* is such a beauty and no wonder graphics artists all love Apple Cinema Display. My wife has one, and it totally blows the sh** out of my Dell. If you need superior graphics and value experience (over paper specs) Apple is worth the 2.5X cost of the Dell.

I wouldn't argue with the menu design point. The 2410 has this annoying issue where you have to give it an input before you can set the buttons to *not* beep when you push them.

Regarding Apple, I've never been impressed by the quality of any product they've produced for the price they are selling at. Their cinema displays are nice, but not 50% nicer than the HP 30" equivalents (I would argue that they are merely equivalent). Their laptops are nice, but are trumped by lower-priced models from Lenovo, HP, and Dell in features and display quality, never mind the substandard quality of Apple's franken-BSD-NeXT that hung on me weekly for the 2 months I had one, and couldn't do multi-monitor right (despite Microsoft figuring that shit out in 2001).

We didn't have any issues unpacking our monitors, and aside from the not going to standby with the cable out, the visual quality of the 2410, and my own personal 2408, are actually very nice. But since I'm not adjusting contrast or brightness, very often, and because I turn off the monitor anyways (I'm anal retentive about those kinds of things), it's not really an issue. But it would be nice if I didn't have to turn off my coworker's monitor when he forgets.

Apple hanging

The only time my Apple hung on me consistently was when I used the corporate version with a bunch of security layers that made it painfully slow to startup or shut down. Without the stupid corporateware, it is zippy and pleasant. Did you experience Apple with corporateware on it? -K

I haven't used the non-crapware version, but Windows with crapware worked great.

Of 6 of us here, 4 use macs, 3 use OS X on their macs (no crapware), and all 3 of those that use OS X have had their mac die on them at least twice in the last 2 months (bouncing beach ball of death, hard lock, ...). My Windows 7 laptop with Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox, the guy who runs Arch on a mac laptop, and the guy who runs vanilla Debian on a Lenovo laptop haven't had any crashes.

That's just my experience.

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