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A quick favor to ask of you
I've finally gotten around to writing up a bit of "here's what graduate school is like", to replace the cancelled information session that was supposed to happen at Macalester. It is available here.

It is pretty rough, but I was wondering if a few of you could give it a read to see if you notice any glaring omissions, or horrible misspellings.

Feel free to post comments/questions/etc. here. Thanks.

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I might mention where you go to school and what you study. Everything you say makes a lot of sense for someone going into your field, but not so much for, say, someone going for an MBA and almost not at all for someone going to law school.

The housing section is a little strong - remember most of your audience will already have lived in off-campus housing and will have weighed the pros/cons junior or senior year of college. I'd leave the part about getting through waiting lists, though, maybe with tips for that. Living in the dorms all four years isn't the norm anymore, simply because they don't have that much housing.

I've mentioned near the beginning who I am and what I'm studying.

I've updated the housing section with more information, namely that on-campus housing for graduate students isn't normally dorm rooms; they are university-run apartments, with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and separate bedrooms for each resident.

Oh, and thank you for the feedback!

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